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Other back-end pages

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wpDataTableswpDataTables browse page

wpDataTables Browse Tables

wpDataTables admin Overview page is the default page which is opened when you open wpDataTables in WP-admin panel. It is used to list all the existing tables in your WordPress DB.

Tables overview page has the following elements:

1. Add new button – This button opens the page for creating a new wpDataTable.
2. Table titles column – This column lists the titles of the tables which you previously created. You will see a “No wpDataTables in the system yet.” label when you open it first time. By clicking one of the titles you will open the table configuration.
3. Table types column – in this column you can see which data source was used to create each particular table. Data sources can be: MySQL, Manual, Google Spreadsheet, Excel, CSV, XML, Serialized PHP array and JSON.
4. Shortcodes column – in this column you can see the shortcodes for each table, so you can easily copy&paste them to your WordPress pages or posts.
5. Actions column – in this column you can click on the “Duplicate” icon to create a duplicate of the table, “Edit data” icon to open the standard editor for Manual tables, “Edit in Excel-editor” icon to open the Excel-like editor for Manual tables, “Configure” icon to change table settings and “Delete” icon to delete selected table.

wpDataChartswpDataCharts browse

wpDataTables Charts Browse Page

wpDataCharts page lists all the charts generated with wpDataTables plugin and allows to quickly open any chart for editing.

The layout and behavior of the page is similar to the Tables browse page (see above)

AddonsUnique extensions for wpDataTables

wpDataTables Addons Page

Addons page is a catalog of extra addons that can be installed on top of wpDataTables to have some extra functionalities.

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