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Excel-like editor in WordPress

Video versionA video overview of wpDataTables with Excel-like editor

wpDataTable Excel-like editorExcel-like editor overview

An Excel-like spreadsheet editing interface is available both for back-end and front-end editing and for displaying tables to your site users. Similar to popular packages – Excel, LibreOffice, Google Spreadsheet, Numbers – it provides a very familiar interface to most of the users, this is a very handy feature – especially for statistical or financial data, or for cases when you or your users need to type in a lot of strings or numbers. You can navigate with arrows and do not need to scroll or click to fill in every cell, also it is very useful when you need to copy&paste data (e.g. from and to Excel, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or other spreadsheet software). Excel-like editor supports all the wpDataTables editor input types.

Any editable table can be edited via Excel-like editor.

See a demo in our Sandbox.

Back-end Excel-like editor

You can open manual table in Excel-like back-end editor in a few different ways.

1. If you are creating a table manually, when you finish configuring it, click Create the table and dropdown will open with option to choose to open the table in Excel-like editor.
2. If you already have created table, you can click Edit in Excel-like editor icon in the Functions column on wpDataTables page.
3. At any moment you can switch between the standard wpDataTables back-end editor and Excel-like editor.

Excel-like editor in WordPress

In this example we will create a new manual table and when we click Create the table -> Open table in Excel-like editor we will see table configuration page with the back-end Excel-like editor in the second container.

You can start typing in the values, navigating with arrows and Enter button, as if you were editing the table in Excel, or Google spreadsheets.

Excel-like editor in WordPress
Excel-like editor in WordPress

If you need to have same or similar values in many rows, you can save some time by selecting the block you’d need to repeat, and just drag using the small blue square in the bottom right to expand/clone it to the amount of rows that you want.

You can copy&paste blocks from Excel-like tables to almost any spreadsheet software, and vice versa (but please watch that source table would have the same column structure).

Excel-like editor in WordPress
Excel-like editor in WordPress

The Excel-like table editor has built-in validation that works accordingly to the selected column type and editor input type. E.g. if you try to enter a string in a Float or Date column, it won’t let you.

At any moment you can switch between the standard wpDataTables back-end editor and Excel-like editor – the data will remain the same.

Excel-like editor in WordPress


Excel-like editor supports searching and sorting. However not all of wpDataTables features are for the moment supported by the Excel editor interface, please click here to see the full list of limitations (we are working on removing those limitations for future versions).

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